There are 2 options to apply for a voucher: by telephone or using the form below.

Vouchers ending with -2016, -2017 and -2018 are no longer valid. Only vouchers ending with -2019 are valid.

Please note
: after your voucher has been processed it is only valid for 3 months; this means that you have to go your vet for a first visit (consultation) within 3 months. After the first visit, the 3 month-rule is no longer relevant.
Therefore only apply for a voucher when you are planning to visit the vet in the near future. Once we have processed the voucher, it cannot be undone!

In case of an emergency outside our opening hours, please talk to the vet if it’s possible to apply for a voucher afterwards. If the vet agrees, you must apply for the voucher on the first following workday.
Please note that the Medisch Centrum voor Dieren is not participating in this offer.
Click here for a list of participating vets.

Please read all information regarding this offer in advance to avoid possible unpleasent surprised.
General information
Terms and conditions
Examples of cost calculations

By phone
Call us on 020 – 568 15 21 on Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 13.00 hours.
Our colleagues will fill in all the information with you and give you a vouchernumber, which you need for the vet, immediately.
Please have your stadspas with you as we need the number (19 digits) on the back of your stadspas.

Please fill in the form below this page. Vouchers will be handled on the same day or on the first following workday.

If you have any questions regarding this offer, please call us on the above telephonenumber or send an e-mail to