Cat missing?
Lots of cats go roaming about. Fortunately, many come home safely after a couple of hours, but sometimes they can stay away for days or even weeks. What they’ve been up to and where they’ve been is a mystery for many people.

However, sometimes it doesn’t turn out so well. If your is cat missing, then report it as missing at Dierenbescherming ( and Amivedi (

All cats picked up by the Animal Ambulance Service are checked for a microchip. If the cat has a microchip and the microchip has been registered, we get in touch with the owner. If the cat doesn’t have a microchip or if the microchip hasn’t been properly registered, then we add it to Dierenbescherming (mijndieriszoek) and Amivedi as found animal. Keep checking both websites when your cat is missing. Of course you can also phone us to see if we have picked up your cat.

Dog missing?
If your dog goes missing, call us immediately on 020 – 626 21 21. We will write down your details, the dog’s details and the area where the dog went missing. We will call you as soon as we get a report that a found dog matches your dog so you can be reunited with your dog quickly and avoid the costs of ambulance transportation.

Other pets missing?
If your rabbit, ferret, budgie or other pet is missing, you can always call us to see if we have found it. You can also register it missing on Dierenbescherming (mijndieriszoek) and Amivedi. All pets without microchip which we pick up are registered on both these sites as found.

Global Pet Alert
You can download the Global Pet Alert app from the App Store and Google Play onto your mobile phone. This enables you to send out an alert if your pet is missing. People who are in the search area receive the Alert immediately and can help you look for your pet. You can find more information about the Global Pet Alert on the Global Pet Alert website.