Terms & Conditions regarding the “Stadspasaanbieding”

  • You live in Amsterdam or Diemen and are at least 18 years of age
  • The pet is registered on your name
  • You have a stadspas with a green dot (if you have a stadspas with blue square you do can not make use of this offer)
  • The name on your identification is the same name as on your stadspas
  • The treatment is medically necessary (Preventative treatment such as vaccinations are not part of the stadspasaanbieding; your vet will determine whether the treatment is medically necessary or preventative.)
  • Dogs, cats and rabbits must have a microchip in order for you to make use of this offer.
    If your dog, cat or rabbit does not have a microchip, the vet will place one and register your pet on your name.
    If you don’t want your dog, cat or rabbit to have a micochip, you can not make use of this offer.
    Placing a microchip is free.
    Placing a microchip in other pets than dogs, cats or rabbits is not part of this offer and is therefore not free.
  • The stadspas-offer applies to one pet per stadspas-holder per stadspas-year (September to August)
  • Your need a voucher before visiting the vet. More information about how to apply for a voucher can be read here.

Validity of the voucher
After your voucher has been processed it is only valid for 3 months; this means that you have to go your vet for a first visit (consultation) within 3 months. After the first visit, the 3 month-rule is no longer relevant.
Therefore only apply for a voucher when you are planning to visit the vet in the near future. Once we have processed the voucher, it cannot be undone!

Visiting the vet
Once you received your voucher, you can make an appointment with a vet in Amsterdam. You need to give him/her the voucher number before your visit. Take your identity, your stadspas and animal passport (if you have one) with you. Please note that not all vets are participation in this offer, check here for a list of participating vets.